Easy Pesto Vegetarian Burrito

For the past month and a half I’ve gone relatively red-meat free (with the exception of one particularly delicious steak at The Keg Mansion for BB’s birthday), and I’m already starting to feel some of the results by excluding pork and beef from my diet. That being said, bring on the veggies! With vegetarian restaurants in the city being ridiculously overpriced for what some would refer to as “rabbit food”- there are delicious and affordable ways to create your favourite vegetarian dish right at home. Today, I made an easy-peasy grilled vegetarian pesto burrito with my inspiration being from Fresh, where they serve essentially the same dish just with a much heftier price tag. Continue Reading

Vietnamese Banh Xeo

Using the cha gio as a delicious appetizer, I decided to go one step further and test out the Banh Xeo recipe from Rasa Malaysia. I found it at first to be rather difficult to master the art of making the perfect pancake, or crepe bottom, which is the necessary part of the meal. Eventually I discovered an easier method than what the recipe originally called for, and the outcome was a faint “welcome back” treat to a little over two months ago when I first tried this tasty treat. Continue Reading

Making Chả giò from leftovers

This evening I came home from training only to find a frenzy of coveted left-overs shelved neatly in their pyrex containers in my fridge, which immediately shot down my plans to try and make banh xeo. Then an idea came to me, “hey, we have rice paper wrappers in the cupboard and we have vermicelli, there’s one thing I can make instead- why not?” Unfortunately my attempts to master the perfect Vietnamese spring roll, also known as Chả giò failed before it even began, because like the name suggests, “minced pork roll”, I had none. I had to improvise. I guess that’s what fun about cooking, you can try new things and see what works/what doesn’t. Here’s my attempt at what I like to call “Left Over Chả giò”, with a little bit on bun on the side;) Continue Reading

My Foray into Khmer Cuisine

It’s been, what, 2 full days since I’ve left Asia and already I’m craving the food. Namely, Khmer Amok. Widely known as the staple dish of Cambodia, this sweet and mild dish often served with fish and rice is an easy and simple meal to make if you’re looking for something a little different. I managed to find most of the ingredients and I edited a recipe I found online to make the most delicious remake of this dish. The best part? It tastes identical to the real thing! Continue Reading