Restaurant Review: Pho House

This was the first time I’ve actually ever had Pho in Canada. Shocking, right? You would think that a person like myself who went all the way to Vietnam knew what culinary treats she would be eating before embarking on a huge trip. BB always told me that no Pho in Toronto could compare with what we would have in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi, and the fact is he’s right. But I have to let you in a little secret….Pho House is amazing. Continue Reading

Lou Dawg’s Southern Sandwiches

As quickly as I am to tell the world I’ve sworn off red meat, I get a fabulous deal from TeamBuy: $22 worth of food for $10 at Lou Dawg’s Southern Sandwiches. I mean, how can I say no to brisket and pulled pork? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly drooling at just the thought…I mean when can vegetables ever be that mouth watering? Seriously? Here’s my restaurant review of Toronto’s Lou Dawg’s Southern Sandwiches. Continue Reading

Restaurant Review: Buzzy’s Pizza- Niagara Falls, NY

Besides the usual cross-border shopping I occasionally travel the two hours (each way) for, Niagara Falls is not only good for it’s vastly cheaper goods, kitschy tourist attractions, casinos, Target, and copious amounts of outlet malls. No, there’s something much more fried and coated with several types of sauces and paired with a $1.95 Coronita. That my friends, is Buzzy’s Pizza and their buffalo chicken wings. Read more of my restaurant review of Buzzy’s Pizza in Niagara Falls, New York here! Continue Reading

Emerald Chinese Restaurant

I was seriously craving dim sum at a place that was just as delicious as the lunch we had in Melaka. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the right place in downtown Toronto that creates something absolutely drool worthy, something I would day dream about in class as the minute hand slowly ticked closer to lunchtime. That is, until two years ago when my family and I stumbled upon a gem- or rather an Emerald of a dim sum joint in Mississauga, Ontario. Continue Reading

Beer Festival 2010 Toronto

The last couple of days I’ve been working at the Beer Festival in Toronto. It’s an annual event that occurs during the summer, which maximizes the outdoor venue (currently Bandshell Park in the CNE grounds), the hot days met with a refreshing glass of beer- and the scantily clad promo girls (and guys). I’ve literally seen it all- from people in the demographic range of 19-65, letting loose on these hot summer days with their unlimited beer, going tent-to-tent, fillin’er’up with almost any recognizable beer you can imagine (over 120 vendors)! Continue Reading

Simon Sushi

Simon Sushi has great ambiance and the aforementioned Simon is a character himself. You’re greeted with a high spirited “AH HELLO!” and equally departed with a happy “THANK YOU GOODBYE!!” shouted from the back corridors of the restaurant. My friend, short on change had to go to the bank to withdraw some cash. That’s when I noticed Simon doesn’t really know who’s coming or going- the bell on the door just signals to him what’s going on, even if he’s somewhere else in the kitchen, he’ll yell salutations to you regardless of his locale. On the take out menu he stands behind an authentic Japanese pagoda, one sushi tray in hand while he smiles and gives us the thumbs up. Continue Reading