Dim Sum in Melaka

Sundays are one of my favourite days of the week. Whereas for some, Sundays evoke sadness or even fear of the looming incoming 9-5 work week ahead, or the departure of a warm, beach-filled weekend. I understand why for some people Sundays are the absolute worst. I know once university starts up again this fall I’ll get pangs of that same sadness of Sundays, knowing I have exams and papers to work on. But in the summer, Sundays mean much more to me. They mean DIM SUM! Continue Reading

Ultimate To Do List: RECIPES TO MAKE!

There’s one thing for certain, and that is: I MISS THE FOOD IN ASIA…LIKE CRAZY! I managed to find ONE place in Toronto that serves Malaysian food. The problem? Their charging $13 for a simple Nasi Lemak. This poses a serious threat to my bank account as I very clearly remember paying somewhere between $1-3 for a dish back in our glorious backpacking days (don’t I sound like this happened 5 years ago? Believe me, these days it feels like it was that long ago). My conclusion? MAKE MORE AUTHENTIC FOOD AT HOME! Continue Reading

Tailors in Hoi An

Hoi An is a pretty small town, I think somewhere around the lines of 60 km2 with only 120,000 people. Just imagine walking down a long block, and along that long block are either tailors or cobblers trying to hustle you into their store- hey, it’s a competitive market, they need to make a living somehow. You hear “Hey Giiiirrrlll, Want new dress? Want new shoes? Take LOOK!” Hoi An is incredibly touristy, and you just have to wonder how many of those tourists have come to see this UNESCO Heritage site, eat the delicious Hoi An specialties of Cau Lau or White Rose, or have heard the wonders of the tailors who will make you anything- for dirt cheap. Continue Reading

Phnom Penh pt.II

What if you lived in a society where it was socially acceptable for women to wear full pajama sets around town: to the bank and dealing in serious matters, making soup for the family outside along the makeshift sidewalk at any time of day (notably in the afternoon), or walking to get groceries at the local market? Welcome to Cambodia. A trend I will never understand, and a trend I see appearing suddenly in Phu Quoc, Vietnam (which ironically was once considered part of Cambodia). I’m not sure if I love the idea: comfort, ease, lightweight, or if it’s mind boggling: wtf? I thought that this trend died post-university where I would no longer see half-asleep chicks rocking up half-an-hour into class wearing their pj’s and an over-sized hoodie. This revelation certainly rocked the boat, and I’m starting to wonder if Jean Paul Gaultier missed the mark on his last runway show and should’ve gone for sleepwear-to daywear: The Pajama Suit. Hmm…I could be onto something here. Continue Reading

Phnom Penh

To say I was a little nervous about coming to Cambodia would be a little bit of an understatement- I was terrified. I would see things I only heard whispers about, or on “Save the Children”ads where suffering and poverty are the biggest issues the viewer is faced with watching. But the viewer has the power of the remote, and all the scary things they see can be erased with the power of one button. The channel has changed, happy music is playing on MTV, everything you just saw was just another ad, another marketing ploy. Well, I don’t have a universal remote that Doc from Back to the Future forgot to tell Marty about. It’s all real here, no turning back. Continue Reading


We were fortunate enough to stay with BB’s family friends in Singapore, Jackie and Anurag, which was about forty-five minutes away from the core of the city. They were very hospitable and gave us an insider’s look into Singapore. Unfortunately because we were only there for a short amount of time, we didn’t get a full grasp of Singapore, and we didn’t get to see a lot of the city, but we still had a great time! Continue Reading

Quick Round-up

Perhentian Islands, Melaka, Singapore are all places that we traveled to before landing in our current spot Ubud, Bali. Unfortunately, most of the internet cafes here can’t support my mass photo uploads and are too slow to even log onto to wordpress so I’ve been a bit slow in updating our travels. To sum up for our families reading back home and the few readers who have stumpled upon my blog by chance, here are some brief notes about the places we visited (I will provide larger updates in the near future!) Continue Reading