Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows- Review

I remember the first time I heard about Harry Potter. My mom and I were watching the Rose O’Donnell Show and she was raving about how great the Philosopher’s Stone was. A day later my mom and I went to Book City and purchased my first Harry Potter book and from there, it’s all history. Seven books and several years later, it’s still one of the most entertaining, well written contemporary series I’ve ever read. Some may say “oh it’s for children!” but I really have my doubts, especially after watching part 1 of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows this past weekend. Continue Reading

Eat, Pray, Love- The Movie Review

Eat, Pray, Love came out today in theatres, and I took my mom to see it as a traditional birthday lunch-and-movie-all-on-me-treat. Last year it was Julie and Julia, which definitely was much more food oriented and more entertaining than EPL turned out to be. Sure I might have gone in with a bias attitude as I was never a huge fan of the book, but I like Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem, and I was truly excited to see some shots of Bali. I came out of the movie a little confused, and a little pissed- this was all they could do with the material? Believe it or not- I was actually disappointed that they didn’t use more from the so-called-biography of Ms Elizabeth Gilbert. SPOILERS AHEAD! Continue Reading

Tailors in Hoi An

Hoi An is a pretty small town, I think somewhere around the lines of 60 km2 with only 120,000 people. Just imagine walking down a long block, and along that long block are either tailors or cobblers trying to hustle you into their store- hey, it’s a competitive market, they need to make a living somehow. You hear “Hey Giiiirrrlll, Want new dress? Want new shoes? Take LOOK!” Hoi An is incredibly touristy, and you just have to wonder how many of those tourists have come to see this UNESCO Heritage site, eat the delicious Hoi An specialties of Cau Lau or White Rose, or have heard the wonders of the tailors who will make you anything- for dirt cheap. Continue Reading

Pearls in Phu Quoc

When you’re coming to Phu Quoc, don’t be alarmed by the numerous amount of pearls you’ll see in markets, restaurants, storefronts and even dive centres. It’s common- pearls are the abundant commodity here, and after a tour of the stores close to long beach, I was able to find out which stores were top notch, and which stores really didn’t deserve my business. Continue Reading