Restaurant Review: Pho House

This was the first time I’ve actually ever had Pho in Canada. Shocking, right? You would think that a person like myself who went all the way to Vietnam knew what culinary treats she would be eating before embarking on a huge trip. BB always told me that no Pho in Toronto could compare with what we would have in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi, and the fact is he’s right. But I have to let you in a little secret….Pho House is amazing. Continue Reading

Viva Las Vegas! Part 1 had a glitch a few weeks ago where they took $300 (more like $281 according to my credit card statement) off any vacation package to Cancun, New York or Vegas. I managed to score a vacation package to Vegas for less than $100, and from Dec.13-16 I was in “The City of Entertainment” or as others like to refer to it- “Sin City” with my best friend. What better way to take a few days off to just relax and de-stress than dropping some coin in the slot machine and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Eva Longoria and Paris Hilton? Continue Reading