T&T Nightmarket – Toronto- Part 2

While BB started his evening off with some squiggly squid, I decided to go another route. Just beside the Teppanyaki stall were the Banh Mi Boys, serving up a mix of fresh Bahn mi sandwiches in a variety of options (pork, chick, beef veggie) and bao’s (steamed buns). Since I have openly admitted my weakness for a good bao, and customers were flocking the stall with a bao in hand, I had to give in.

As you can tell from the photo, the bao was more like a taco than the usual variety – it was flat and allowed the filling to be placed on top rather than stuffed inside; a great way to let the buyer really customize their bao to their liking. After struggling to pick which option, the friendly worker suggested I try the pulled pork as it was the best seller of the weekend thus far, and what she thought was “the best”.  Several seconds after I pass her the mere $3, the women by the steamers were in full motion, making my bao. It arrived piping hot, with a fried wonton wrapper on the bottom, layered with the pulled pork, hoisin sauce, cucumbers and lettuce – perfect juxtaposition of soft & crunchy, hot & cold ingredients. My only issues were that the bao was sticking to the paper they gave it to me on, and the pork needed to be a bit saucier- less relying on the one line of hoisin sauce across the meat to do the trick.

After demolishing the bao in less time it took for the ladies to make it for me, BB and I were off once again, wandering the busy aisles, searching for our next dish. Presidents Choice was there sampling free ice cream and mini hot dogs to a ridiculously long line up, and despite the “free” samples, they were tiny and not worth waiting around for- there were just too many options around us that looked 100 times tastier!

In fact, I walked by a foodie couple taking pictures of a gloriously fried pile of goodness and I had to inquire immediately about what it was. The photographer motioned to the stall behind him, “squid tube – doesn’t it look fantastic?!” Oh man oh man, I was salivating. Nothing quite says food fair like deep fried battered squid.