Some non-food jargon

If you’re a follower (and I hope you are) you may have wondered “what happened to the ELT updates”?  My friends, there is a simple reason. I NEED A NEW LAPTOP! I currently do all my computing on a not-so-new custom made computer that was designed by my late father a few years ago, making it completely top of the line back then- but now…not so much. Vimeo? Not a chance. Memory? Stacked. Possibility of it crashing one day and never turning on again? Very likely. My personal laptop (HP DV4000) which was also purchased for me by my daddio decided to crash and burn- literally, the hard drive burned out completely, the week before my finals. Although I had it for about five years, the 15.6 widescreen and weight, clocking in at severe back-pain-o-clock every time I decided to lug the thing to school (guess who had a slipped disc because of it?), served better as my at-home-do-everything machine.

The problem?

I have been searching for a new one, even received funds by supportive family members as a graduation present to get a new, smaller, lighter one that can fulfill the duties of my old one. Now, there are more than plenty options out there, just trying to find one that suits my needs (and more with the additional vision of graduate studies on the horizon) means I need something totally high tech with amazing battery life – and one that fits my budget. As much as I like Macs, I can’t afford one and I would only get a loaded MacBook Pro at any rate. There’s too many features, or lack thereof (like Bluetooth or Blueray) – and more importantly my options here in Canada are very limited in comparison especially when it comes to product warranties. I have been meticulously researching laptops for about 4 months now, and BB’s coworkers even told him Asus. Go for Asus. I was reading they carry a two year global warranty – but not at Best Buy or Futureshop, they make you pay for that (obviously). But like always, Canada gets the older, slower, more expensive models and I’m stuck once again with old technology that doesn’t quite fill the void of my old HP. Sooner or later I’ll find the laptop of my dreams and scoop it up – then mark my words, you’ll have more consecutive reviews to read, and more stories to laugh at.

Can anyone recommend a good laptop that clocks in 8 hours plus, has megahigh memory/ram, INTEL PROCESSOR, ODD, lightweight (less than 5 pounds)with HDMI/Blueray/Bluetooth and nVidia graphic card? Hey internet world, I’m looking at you for some friendly pointers (maybe some free ad space?):P