Brown Butter Gnocchi

After watching the Food Network for several hours (thoroughly enjoying my unemployed, lazy summer days) I watched the toothy Giada serve up a brown-buttered pasta and thought it was a simple, understated meal that I wanted to recreate- eventually. Luckily for this 48 degree Celsius weather, I’m stuck in my freezer box of a house and inescapably drawn towards a warm, hearty meal…in summer…doesn’t make sense to me either but the end result was worth it.

I used my go-to frozen Queen’s Pasta potato gnocchi, boiled them up for 5 minutes while I started on browning the butter, which is really simple. I used about 3 tablespoons of unsalted butter (although salted butter would work better), boiled it until I started getting heavy bubbles (also known as “foaming”) – that’s when it begins to brown. I added about a teaspoon of dry sage, mixed it in, added some salt and pepper and then a handful of fresh baby spinach. I waited another 2 minutes until the spinach started wilting down and then I added my gnocchi. There was a perfect balance of saltiness from the spinach to pair with the bland gnocchi, the sage was a refreshing hit and I topped it off with some fresh parmigiano.

A great, quick and cheap lunch for a lazy afternoon.

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