Restaurant Guide: Las Vegas, NV

Here’s a quick round-up of some hits and misses on my trip to Vegas! I can say with pride that we over-indulged in a gluttonous feast of unhealthy dishes. Isn’t that what a vacation is all about?

PBR Rock Bar

We hit up this joint at 10pm our first night. There’s a bull running mid-air through the exterior facade. They have a heated patio with bar, and there is not only ceiling swings which waitresses swing from, but there’s also a mechanical bull in the front window, enticing those bachelorettes to take a ride…as if we didn’t already decide this place was a gem based on decor alone, there was a guy outside hustling us to eat here by giving us a 25% off coupon. All the signs were pointing to PBR, how could you go wrong? The Answer: PBR was the best food I ate the entire trip. After 10pm the restaurant rolls out the late night menu, I’m assuming for the club-hoppers, and although it’s about 1/4 of the dishes off the regular menu (and cheaper!) it’s chocked full of goodies from Dorrito’s Mac & Cheese to what I ordered- the pulled pork sandwich. Sometimes I forget that once you’re in the States, the portion sizes are good enough to feed 3 small villages in North Africa, and this dish was no exception. THE SANDWICH WAS MASSIVE my hands could barely wrap around the entire thing and it was loaded with, what I can imagine, was the entire pig. For $8 USD, I wasn’t complaining. It was worth every penny: it was a a bit tangy, but blended with the the sweet and spicy kick of the first bite.Plus the fact that the coleslaw was in the sandwich added a creamy, crunchy finishing touch to the overwhelmingly meaty feast. The Verdict: better than Lou Dawgs, but just below Phil’s. Lina ordered fries which were unreal- crispy, a little kick of spice and none of them were soggy. The potato salad was a little warm and heavy on dill which isn’t my favourite but because the sandwich was so big it was a nice refresher.  Bon!

Seriously, where is the bottom half of the bun? You literally have to eat this “sandwich” with a fork and knife. The best part: take the rest home, it makes a great cold lunch.

We ended up at PBR a second time and we went a little healthier- Lina got the Big Bossman salad (chicken, array of lettuces, goat cheese, veggies- $11.99), and I opted for the southern chicken sandwich which was nicely grilled, lightly glazed and definitely worth the price ($10.99). Unlike the title, Lina’s salad was actually disappointing- I imagined the bowl to be the size of Lina’s head but it was rather small compared to everything else on the menu, or even my chicken sandwich which was about the same size as my pulled pork sandwich. Both were good dishes, nothing too exciting or daring but they were safe-eats (no tummy aches) and a good secondary choice to PBR’s pulled pork gargantuan sandwich.

PBR Rock Bar is located on the strip at Planet Hollywood.

Cheesecake Factory

We got lost in Caesar’s Palace. That’s one thing I never knew about Vegas, is that every single casino has a mall attached to it, which I can only assume is to verify that your winning hand went towards a Louis Vuitton purse or a Dolce dress. Luckily, Lina won $40 at roulette so when we found a Cheesecake Factory, we knew it was in the cards that we dine there, for what else, but cheesecake! After an eager waiter who listed over 20 popular cakes, we had to make the tough choice of choosing. You never realise how hard it is order cheesecake until you have over 20 different types available, it’s b-a-n-a-n-a-s. After much deliberation, oohs and ahh-ings and trying to make a collective deal to split the two options (which failed might I add) I ordered the Godiva chocolate cheesecake and Lina ordered the white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake. At this point I should’ve realised less is more. The chocolate was very dense and overwhelming from the flour-less chocolate cake, to the chocolate mousse and and chocolate cheesecake it was a stomach ache in the waiting. Was it worth it? Every insatiable bite. It was decadent, dense and absolutely creamy, just at the end of the day, too much chocolate. As a chocoholic it’s hard for me to admit it, but unfortunately the worst happened: I overindulged and could (barely) eat the entire thing.

And Lina’s? Perfection. It was the perfect blend of cheesecake, white chocolate and marbled raspberry and a thin chocolate cookie crust. It was light. It wasn’t too sweet and we could understand why it was in the top 5 bestsellers. Order it, savor it, love it.

Each cheesecake slice varies in price, but they are roughly between $6-10, and definitely large enough to share between two people.

We ended up going to CF for dinner before heading to Caesar’s Pure Nightclub, and it was one of the most affordable menus we had seen. I opted for the burger (notice the not-so-healthy-trend) while Lina ate the orange chicken. Both were delicious (although I thought the orange chicken was a little overpriced with a $14.99 price tag) and everything you would expect. If you get the salad, get the balsamic dressing!


We read reviews that raved about this next place. Martha Stewart, and Maria Batalli were framed alongside the likes of other great celebrities from chefs to Nascar racers inside this diner that was busting out house music at 10am. Again, it’s all about portion size. I’ve been to Florida and I never noticed a huge discrepancy between regular portion sizes versus US portion sizes. Las Vegas changed my perspective on why Americans are obese. Too many people are eating at Hash-A-Go-Go! This is what came to our table when we both ordered what we thought would be traditional eggs benedict:

HH original w/smoked bacon, fresh tomato, fresh spinach,roasted red pepper cream and topped w/ two basted eggs - $11.99

Slop. Fancy slop piled 5 inches high, and large enough to feed at least 4 people. Fancy slop that was literally a mish-mash of flavours, textures and loaded with carbs. I actually felt heavy after eating about half this monstrosity, like I ate my weight in food and I was lugging it in the pit of my stomach. How the heck could something so gross looking be supposedly this great? You lost me. Sure, there were definitely some interesting quirks- the scrambled eggs with roasted red pepper cream and fresh biscuits was actually tasty. But the fact that the cream was thick and possibly sitting for too long in the kitchen made it worrisome. Plus the whole base of this dish was mashed potatoes. And the bacon is those weird sticks coming out like firecrackers on a birthday cake. I was surprised, but not in a good way.

Earl of Sandwich

Tucked in the Planet Hollywood Mall just beside PBR Rock Bar, Earl of Sandwich is a place for a quick, cheap bite. We came here on our last night, purchased two Italians for our flight back home the next day.  Definitely a go-to place for something a little lighter, with many healthy options (like salads), for a day touring the Las Vegas Strip!

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