Restaurant Review: Pho House

This was the first time I’ve actually ever had Pho in Canada. Shocking, right? You would think that a person like myself who went all the way to Vietnam knew what culinary treats she would be eating before embarking on a huge trip. BB always told me that no Pho in Toronto could compare with what we would have in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi, and the fact is he’s right. But I have to let you in a little secret….Pho House is amazing.

Just at the cusp of Etobicoke at Six Points Plaza is my go-to Vietnamese place. It used to be an old McDonalds until about three years when they started completely renovating the plaza with the usual Starbucks but now there’s a cupcake shop and some specialty meat stores and best of all- Pho House.

It’s unbelievably clean, not greasy and they use fresh ingredients so that the food looks so colourful you don’t want to eat it.  Pho House is both Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, and trust me, I have seen many people (some regular customers like myself) over the last few years eating their pad thai like it was a religion for them but I other the hand, opt for the Vietnamese side of their menu. The Bun bowls are hands down  my favourite (namely V1- BUN BO NUONG, CHA GIO: Grilled Beef and Spring Roll). Served in a large white bowl your food is served to you like it’s something from the heavens. The thin, soft vermicelli noodles juxtaposed against the bright carrots, the savory roll, the juicy grilled beef and the crunchy peanuts give you every single texture you can imagine so it’s play time for the taste buds. Don’t forget the little surprise underneath…fresh beansprouts and lettuce, perfect for mixing. I usually drench my Bun with two bowls of the fish sauce (have to ask for an extra) while sometimes we have an extra peanut sauce for dipping our fried rolls into. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and sour.

Some honorable mentions in the bun category:

V2. * BUN GA NUONG, CHA GIO 7.50 – Grilled chicken & spring roll

V6. BUN BO XAO XA OT 7.50 – Stir fired beef with lemon grass & hot pepper

At Pho House, we also tried their Pho Soup, which you see so many patrons slurping on it’s hard not to follow their leads. We ordered a small # P10. * Well Done Beef Rice Noodle Soup, PHO CHIN NAM and it was rich with a milieu of flavours that hinted at cinnamon, cardamon and cloves- and that was just in the broth! Garnish it with Pho House offerings and you have the perfect compliment to a cold winter’s day. As BB proclaimed, this Pho is nowhere near as good as the Pho I ate with BB on the side streets of Saigon, but for $5 I got to sit back, relax, enjoy my company and with every bite, I got to relive my memories in Vietnam. I’m not sure if I can find any Pho as good as the authentic ones I had in the summer, but this one is close enough.

Other great treats off the menu include:

A4. * FRESH ROLLS (2) 4.50
– Rice paper with BBQ grilled pork & vermicelli

– Marinated with Thai spices and grilled, served with peanut sauce

– Shrimp, chicken, Fresh shredded mango mixed with onions, red/green peppers, basil, chili and cashews tossed with tamarind vinaigrette

Next time you’re close to Kipling Station, or if you feel like getting away from the usual downtown Pho Hung hangout on Spadina, Pho House at Six Points Plaza is worth the trip for it’s reasonably priced Vietnamese fare.

Pho House
Vietnamese and Thai Cuisine
Six Points Plaza
5230 Dundas Street West Unit #3
Toronto, ON
M9B 1A8


Sunday – Thursday 11am – 9pm
FridaySaturday 11am – 10pm

10% OFF – Dine-In Special
(orders over $30 before taxes – cash payment only)

10% OFF – Take Out Special
(orders over $20 before taxes – cash payment only)