Viva Las Vegas! Part 1 had a glitch a few weeks ago where they took $300 (more like $281 according to my credit card statement) off any vacation package to Cancun, New York or Vegas. I managed to score a vacation package to Vegas for less than $100, and from Dec.13-16 I was in “The City of Entertainment” or as others like to refer to it- “Sin City” with my best friend. What better way to take a few days off to just relax and de-stress than dropping some coin in the slot machine and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Eva Longoria and Paris Hilton?

One thing I learned on this trip: Never Fly Delta.

Unfortunately, we wanted to save a few bucks on our total ($120 to be exact) we would be adventurous and Megabus it to the Buffalo Airport, take Delta to Detroit, then Detroit to our destination, as Delta didn’t have direct flights when we booked. We were in transit, literally for 16 hours and it was the worst experience of my life. First flight: delayed by 45 minutes, once we landed in Detroit we were literally stranded on the tarmac, twiddling out thumbs in our tiny plane for an HOUR AND A HALF because our gate was occupied by a 737 that wasn’t moved prior our landing. The lack of communication between the pilots and the airport, the pilot and the flight attendant, the flight attendant to us was outrageous. I have never seen people more angry at an airline in my entire life. I also heard mumblings in my life about how Delta sucked as an airline. This confirmed all my suspicions.  Once we landed, I had a sassy, bad-attitude-ridden flight attendant throw our bags at me, as our in-flight attendant didn’t clarify where we had to pick up our carry-on bags (mini-plane= tag the bags to go underneath, not in storage above seats). I have never wanted to pull out my hair and scream at the incompetence of an airline in all my life. That crap would definitely not fly on Air Canada or WestJet, nor have I seen such bad behavior from any flight attendant (with the exception of one). From there, we were delayed another forty five minutes, met another sassy flight attendant and 4+ hours later, we were cranky and tired as it was midnight in Toronto and we were running on very little sleep (5 am wake up). We were just utterly exhausted when we arrived in Vegas around 8pm.

We stayed at the Tropicana Hotel which is currently undergoing $125 million worth of  major renovations to include more of a south-beach theme throughout the hotel.  Our room was in the newly refurbished Island Tower (I have my suspicions it was the “non-smoking” tower as it seemed quieter, cleaner and overall much tamer- except be warned: there is an epic long walk from concierge to the elevators, we had to take our heels off on several occasions). Everything was immaculately clean from the floral  hallway carpeting, to the glass elevators and to my surprise when we first opened our  door…our room overlooked the strip(header image taken from our window)!

Our room

It was unreal to overlook MGM, New York, Excalibur and I could even see as far as Cesar’s Palace at night when all the flashing signs were lit up. Plus in the morning we could see the mountains in the distance, as well as the huge pool that won Tropicana the Best Pool in Vegas” Award. Although it was pretty warm compared to Toronto, as we went from a frosty -22 degrees C to around 20 degrees, it was still a bit chilly, and sadly the pool wasn’t opened on our trip. That aside, I have no complaints about the hotel. Our first night some drunk girls tried to break into our room at 4am thinking it was theirs (thank goodness for double locks!) which is a Vegas-thing no doubt, the foyer always smelled like coconut tanning oil- a quirk that I appreciated, the staff were also friendly and informative, the beds were gloriously comfortable, and I loved the iPod Alarm Dock- we played music literally every single time we were getting ready in the morning or night which was fantastic.   Would I stay at the Tropicana again? Definitely.