Recipe: Turkey Wonton Soup

One bite and you’ll say “I can’t believe it’s not pork!” This ladies and gentlemen, is the recipe for the best Turkey Wontons you’ll ever make.

I’ve tried this recipe so many times with beef, one day hoping that I could achieve the same juiciness and taste but after several attempts I decided to scrap the wontons, scrap the soup, and I haven’t had in maybe over a year.

This all changed once I realised what magical things ground turkey can do. It can actually morph into any flavour you desire and people eat it thinking “hey, this meatball is delicious…veal?” or “hey, great pork wontons!” Unbeknown to them until now, I reveal the secret to all the delicious tasting meals I have made recently…the greatest ingredient known to me….ground turkey!

Turkey Wonton Soup

What you’ll need:

1/2lb to 1lb ground turkey (depends on how many you want…I like to make more so there is enough for lunch tomorrow)

1 package of wontons (preferably the thinner skins, the thicker wons {ahahah} are too heavy)

5-10 water chestnuts cut into xsmall chunks

1-2 tbsp Oyster sauce (a brand new spur of the moment ingredient i tried out and worked beautifully)

4 tbsp soy sauce

1-2 tbsp sesame oil (to your liking)

5 small green onions (three for the mixture, two for the soup broth)

1 clove garlic


finely grated carrots (optional- I had no water chestnuts so used carrots instead to give it that crunch)

1/2 package of firm tofu (soup broth)

All the ingredients are eye-balled when I make my wontons, so when you make them, you need to keep in mind that as long as you can smell soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil (very important) than you’re good to go. Sometimes I find that putting more sauce is better than less sauce, as in the case of my beef wonton experiment, the first time I made it it failed horribly because it just did not have enough soy/sesame/ginger and well, it tasted like beef.

It takes about 5 minutes just to mix everything up with a fork, then grab your wonton wrappers and start folding! (place about a tsp of mixture in the centre of the wrapper, with some water, wet one edge, fold over to make a triangle, then fold those three corners into one-another to make an envelope- the simplest way to wrap a wonton!) 50 Wontons will be wrapped before you know it, I find it a very peaceful, zen-like experience…especially when I put my headphones on and I become a wonton-making machine.

While this is going on, have two pots on the stove- one with broth (one onion+ chicken stock + soy sauce, lots of ginger ginger and eventually some bok choy) the other just plain water. I like to quick boil the wontons before I put them in the broth to get the excess starch from the wrappers out. Usually this takes about 2-3 minutes for the wontons to float to the top and be ready.

Once in the broth, set temperature on low to let it simmer. Place in any additional vegetables: I like to put in my chopped bok choy, some extra green onions and this time around I added some grated carrots to give it more colour. I also topped it off with some chunks of tofu for that little extra punch. Put in a dash or two of sesame oil right before serving and ta-dah, you’ll have the most delicious “I can’t believe it’s not pork”  Turkey Wonton Soup!