Easy Pesto Vegetarian Burrito

For the past month and a half I’ve gone relatively red-meat free (with the exception of one particularly delicious steak at The Keg Mansion for BB’s birthday), and I’m already starting to feel some of the results by excluding pork and beef from my diet. That being said, bring on the veggies! With vegetarian restaurants in the city being ridiculously overpriced for what some would refer to as “rabbit food”- there are delicious and affordable ways to create your favourite vegetarian dish right at home. Today, I made an easy-peasy grilled vegetarian pesto burrito with my inspiration being from Fresh, where they serve essentially the same dish just with a much heftier price tag.

For this I used a Breville iKon Panini grill which really is the perfect Christmas present (if any of the readers are stuck thinking of something- this early), plus it’s the most handy tool in the kitchen.  I don’t grease it up before I start grilling or pressing sandwiches because of it’s non-stick features. However, if you want to  get some more defined grilling marks, then be my guest.

For this sandwich I used whole wheat flax tortillas- I find the white ones taste too much like cardboard and surprisingly these ones actually have some flavour and are pretty healthy for you to boot.

First- get your veggies. Today I used zucchini, mushrooms, yellow and orange peppers, on my mom’s sandwich I threw in a tomato. At Fresh they use beansprouts, yams; the great thing about this dish is that everything is at your control. I hate tomatoes so I eliminated them from my menu. Want carrots? Throw in carrot it’s that easy. I made this once with leftover chicken, sausages (back in the day when I still ate red meat), and even luncheon meats like turkey if you want to go the meaty way. Once your grill is set on 350 degrees and the green light tells you it’s ready for your veggies, place them on the grill and let them sit for about five minute, pressing down lightly on the press.

Then get your tortilla ready. I used PC Brand Pesto sauce because I find it packs the most punch and I love my garlic. Just spoon it around leaving some space around the edges. Then once your veggies have cooked, just place them on your tortilla.

Then, I like to add fresh spinach,and sometimes some fresh basil or parsley before I load on the “sticking” formula for the perfect burrito- CHEESE! If you don’t put cheese on your burrito you’re going to have a really problematic grilling situation. Most of the problem arises when the tortilla flaps won’t stick to either side and you’re standing over the grill burning your fingertips trying to make it work- but it never does. By adding cheese as the last ingredient you’re really ensuring a perfect burrito that sticks and doesn’t fight with you.

Then fold the edges over, pop it into the grill for five minutes. Remove, and look at your masterpiece:

Cut up, serve and enjoy!