Restaurant Review: Buzzy’s Pizza- Niagara Falls, NY

Besides the usual cross-border shopping I occasionally travel the two hours (each way) for, Niagara Falls is not only good for it’s vastly cheaper goods, kitschy tourist attractions, casinos, Target, and copious amounts of outlet malls. No, there’s something much more fried and coated with several types of sauces and paired with a $1.95 Coronita.  That my friends, is Buzzy’s Pizza and their buffalo chicken wings.

BB and I came to this place by total chance- I was caught up in pile high boxes of 2 for 1 shoes at Nine West and BB lost me in the madness for a good hour. He came by every once and a while to make sure I hadn’t been eaten alive by the stilettos, pumps and flats, but rather to tell me “hurry up, I’m starving“. Forty shoes tried on and only two successfully brought to cash later, I had finally made my tough decision but we had no clue where to eat- we were in this unknown part of the state and we were a little worried about getting lost. The friendly cashier without question told us “you just have to go to Buzzy’s – best wings in town” to be backed up by her colleague nodding her head appreciatively and I could see the hunger in their own eyes just mentioning the place.  Little did we  know that this place would become our go-to “spot” in Niagara Falls, NY for one thing and one thing only- WINGS!

From the outside, Buzzy’s stuccoed taupe exterior could be mistaken for an expensive, high-end restaurant as it is one of the visibly nicer places on the long stretch. Once you check out the menu you’d be pleasantly surprised by how affordable everything is, it makes you just want to try everything. On the inside you feel like you’re in a bit of a time warp-   the place has a bit of an old school feel, every time I’m there it’s like I’ve gone back in time to the early nineties, and I’m in this weird spot where nothing has changed since then- today for instance the music was reminding me of my early youth as Mandy Moore and Backstreet Boys were on, ah the good ol’ days. The seating inside is limited to three booths on either side of  a small square room overlooking the main street with three of four round tables for groups and two ‘couple’ seats, as well as a side patio that looks onto the parking lot. I think I remember first walking in and immediately thinking it was a bit of a hole-in-the wall  at first glance. But if there’s one of many things traveling has taught me, sometimes it’s these types of  joints that make the most delicious food- and Buzzy’s confirms that theory. The funny thing is, this being our third time (and hopefully more times to come!), the more I come here the more this place wins me over, it’s no longer that divey (and I say that with utmost love and respect) place we once found, it’s our mecca of the best buffalo wings I’ve ever had (and at cheap darn prices too!)

There are several reasons why we keep  coming back to Buzzy’s and why we daydream about eating these wings when we’re not south of the border:

  1. The wings are fresh, never frozen as claimed not only by the menu (which sometimes you have to question- Red Lobster comes to mind) and this you can tell immediately when you bite into each wing. They are immaculately juicy, bursting with flavour and they’re piping hot , made fresh with every order; nothing sitting around for hours because there’s always a steady stream of people coming in. Heck, when we were there today a guy behind us literally had like a 100 wings all to himself- now that’s dedication.
  2. These wings are plump, each wing offers a lot of meat on the bone which sometimes is a rarity to find.

    Wings are plump and full of white meat

  3. Ridiculously cheap prices- 20 wings for $11.95. Need I say more? 30 wings at $16.95? Party time.

    Wing Feast!

  4. Seven sauces to choose from: we opt for a nice combo of half honey garlic, half hot and rotate between the two flavours, sometimes it’s just nice to mix it up especially with the Buzzy’s own ranch sauce they serve with every wing order. Wings are evenly coated, and never “drenched” to the point of it being too much sauce.

    Buzzy's Hot Wings - Recommend dipping in ranch sauce

  5. My pick is always honey garlic. The wings come in these little plastic containers lined with parchment paper and it always make me laugh to see the inch puddle of succulent honey at the bottom of our basket and how ever though there is so much excess of it, the wings are always perfectly coated. Let me also say this: the honey tastes like real honey straight from the comb itself. Although it does lack that garlic flavour the honey could be so strong that it overpowers it. Either way, I’m not complaining, it’s incredible the way it is.

    I know you want to eat your screen right now

  6. It’s a great place where friends and family enjoy themselves amongst friendly staff
  7. They have a great lunch special menu everyday from 11am-3pm which I have yet to try but they are not only famous for their wings, but their pizza as well which from what I’ve seen looks just as mouthwatering as the crispy wings
  8. Mix up the wings with a salad. Seriously, trust me on this one. Just breaks the fatty goodness with something only a fair bit healthier. The caesar is pretty tasty.


If you’re ever in Niagara Falls north or south, it’s definitely a place everyone needs to try. I can say with 110% conviction that I have NEVER had wings as good as these in Toronto. There are many bars and wing chains that claim to serve the best but what I’ve found in my experience is that they’re frozen, tiny wings (about half the size of a Buzzy’s wing) and they have no meat so you never really feel satisfied. Buzzy’s Pizza on the other hand is the motherland of wings.

Buzzy’s Pizza is located at 7617 Niagara Falls Blvd. Niagara Falls, New York, 14304. Phone 716.283.5333