Home Sweet Home

After spending 24 hours in transit, traveling to 4 countries in 2 days, lots of security and customs agents plus one missed flight we finally arrived home. The last 2 months have been an epic adventure, and now back in Toronto, it feels like we never left, everything is same same no different. The streets are empty at noon, I feel like I’m in a ghost town, I’m so used to seeing chaos, constant traffic, honking motos, people moseying about in flocks or setting up their food stalls. I’m home and I don’t even know where I am anymore. I had to pinch myself when I was trying to sleep off the jetlag- am I really home? I feel like I’ve grown accustomed to the lifestyles and daily routines of the places we visited and now I don’t know what to do without them. Jaywalking is a breeze compared to what I’ve had to deal with in Vietnam where I was petrified of being run over by a slew of 40 or so relentless moto drivers. And so begins the transition back to reality. Welcome home….I miss the beach.

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    hahah – if you think TO is a ghost town you should come to VAN. Its a sleeping city! see u in a month!