Quick Round-up

Perhentian Islands, Melaka, Singapore are all places that we traveled to before landing in our current spot Ubud, Bali. Unfortunately, most of the internet cafes here can’t support my mass photo uploads and are too slow to even log onto to wordpress so I’ve been a bit slow in updating our travels. To sum up for our families reading back home and the few readers who have stumbled upon my blog by chance, here are some brief notes about the places we visited (I will provide larger updates in the near future!):

Perhentian Islands: The nicest beaches I will probably ever see in my life. Sand that felt like suede underneath my feet. Living coral reefs with fish I never knew existed before a nice snorkeling adventure. Food was pricey on the island, but my fav dish had to had to have been the fresh garoupa with lemongrass coconut curry. So good I ordered it twice during our 3-night stay.

Melaka: So far, I think this place had some stellar dim sum, namely the char siu bao (BBQ pork buns). Finally years of ordering (in cantonese) at Kowloon Restaurant in Toronto finally paid off! I’m a sucker for sticky rice and one place in particular by the artist Titi’s studio, just knocked my taste buds out of the park with their version. Serious kudos.

Singapore: Because we only had one full day in Singapore, we decided to be ten year olds and visit the famous Singapore Zoo! It’s unreal how close you can actually get to the animals, even when you don’t pay the $5 to feed them hurriedly under the trainer’s watchful eye.

Legian, Bali: We extended our stay in Legian by a few extra days just so that we could get settled in and no longer feel rushed (it’s happened in a couple places thus far). We were in a nice location on Double Six in a Tune Hotel located in a quiet gang (alley). I think it would be fair to say that a rough number of how many locals chirped at me to either buy something, get a taxi, or asked me to get a massage would by in the hundreds. Not to mention the amount of Bintang tanks the obnoxious Aussie tourists were wearing would probably be around the same figure. What I will say is this: the locals are friendly, the Balinese traditional back massage I had at Eden Green on Double Six ($6) was phenomenal, and I had my first Gado Gado and gelato on Jalan Padma (or relatively close-by).

Although some of the food has been great, I’ve been dying for a big burger that isn’t made by McDonalds.